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Is it true or not? Frozen food is dangerous to the body.

Is it true or not? Frozen food is dangerous to the body. There are many options for frozen food. Either meat, fruit, or dessert, plus both convenient and delicious, but is it actually good or harmful to the body? ทางเข้า has good information from the program “ Did You Know? Do you know?

“Cracked heel” caused by what and how to treat it correctly

“Cracked heel” caused by what and how to treat it correctly. Who has broken heels? How do you solve the problem? Anyone who rubs a file, scissors, trims or scrubs vigorously, try to check at If it’s the right way or not. What are the symptoms

Jiaogulan with 10 amazing properties worth knowing about With precautions

After the online trend is talking about herbal water that contains “Jiaogulan” is said to have good taste and properties that are worth more than the price. Jiaogulan’s food is here for everyone to know. Jiaogulan with 10 amazing properties worth knowing about Precautions for drinking Jiaogulan tea Chinese people

Is this a “virus” or “bacteria” symptom?

When entering the changing of the seasons every time The weather around us will change dramatically. From hot to rain From rain to cold and from cold to hot For this reason,  It’s easy to get sick with the flu. Especially young children and the elderly, as well as people with poor health

6 warning signs “Dengue Fever” hurry and see a doctor urgently

Whenever it rains, what always comes with it? That is, there are an abnormally large number of mosquitoes in the community. The hotter the humid weather, the slower the clothes dry like this. The more careful you have to be many times more careful than before. And what

How to “eat vegetarian” without causing “kidney damage”

During the vegetarian festival , many people want to join in making merit along with taking care of their health and reducing meat consumption. and turned to pay more attention to health during the same period But what is worrisome is Most vegetarian foods tend to be sweet, fatty, and salty. The

Is petroleum jelly really good for dry chapped lip?

Petroleum jelly is a less expensive option. and can be easily found in general stores and is said to relieve dry skin. Helps to moisturize cracked lip again. But is petroleum jelly really recommended for chapped lips ? Petroleum jelly can retain moisture. If you apply petroleum jelly to your

5 ways to help solve the problem of dark elbows 

There are many causes of black elbow problems. But most of them are caused by exposure to certain chemicals in products that women use regularly. Be it perfumes, lotions or soaps, or even the temperature can also contribute to the blackening of the elbows. Especially in cool