Changes in the body in the elderly.

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Elderly increases, changes in the body will occur in many aspects. The first is a matter of a decreased metabolism. Eating indulgent foods can cause you to gain weight without realizing it and cause other health problems as a result.UFABET 

It’s not just the metabolism that changes. But the digestive system also deteriorates. This causes important substances in the digestive process to be produced less. And the absorption of important nutrients back for use in the body decreases. Such as folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12. Therefore, eating food that is difficult to digest and lacking nutrients is therefore. It is a problem that is often encountered at this age.

In addition, most elderly people often have chronic diseases and take medications regularly. This side effect of certain types of medicines may cause a decrease in appetite. This is also an age where emotional changes occur easily, such as feeling depressed and lonely. Therefore, they are often not very interested in food. This causes eating certain types of foods that provide a lot of energy, which results in weight gain as a result.

Each age needs different nutrients and undergoes changes in the body as they age. especially the elderly. This is the age at which the body grows to its maximum and can deteriorate more than other ages.