not feeling refresh Tired after waking up? Let’s check the cause of this problem.

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not feeling refresh Tired after waking up? Let’s check the cause of this problem at ทางเข้า ufabet.

Getting enough and quality sleep is an effective health care. But with today’s lifestyle, many people may experience sleep problems such as insomnia, less sleep and not enough sleep, but there are some people who get enough sleep. But when I wake up instead of feeling refreshed, drowsy, dizzy, having a headache, or having trouble concentrating If you are experiencing any not feeling refresh of these symptoms The content of this article may help.

6 reasons why you not refreshed after waking up

Not feeling refreshed after waking up can cause by many reasons. But the reason why Hack for Health has been prepared can be said to be the most common.

1. You are a passive person.

Try to see how much you move in 1 day. Or do you behave like this?

  • Sitting at the desk for hours at work or playing games not getting up to go to the bathroom or stretch
  • Lie down and watch series on your bed or play games on your favorite sofa half a day at a time.

If you have these behaviors, you are in Sedentary lifestyle. Which is used to describe behavior. Which individual remains stationary and does not move for long periods of time. This condition results in the body’s metabolic system working less. And the blood pumping to the brain is less than it should be. makes you feel exhausted, not refreshed, not energetic and without strength In the long run, it also makes you more easily obese and more prone to chronic disease.

This condition is not a temporary occurrence. If you have stepped into this condition, the metabolic system heart rate And the level of blood pressure will change not feeling refresh slightly for the worse. You can face feeling unrefreshed all day long. Not just when you wake up

2. Accumulated fatigue

Sleep is a way to reset your body from the tiredness you’ve been through the day. But sometimes the accumulated fatigue may not be completely gone in a few nights. as a person. Who works hard Use your brain all day use force all day or sick person coldly It’s office syndrome. have chronic pain or even chronic disease These things can cause the body to accumulate fatigue.

The management method starts with exploring yourself to find the source of fatigue. If it comes from work, you may need to find more time to relax or focus on Work-Life Balance, or if it comes from illness. You should see a doctor for diagnosis. and receive appropriate treatment Poor quality sleep can worsen your health. In addition, eating a nutritious and nutritious diet may help your body recover from fatigue.

3. Stress and Depression

Negative emotions are a major contributor to sleep quality that can leave you feeling unrefreshed after waking up. By disturbing emotions or thoughts, you can cause insomnia, difficulty staying asleep, restless sleep, nightmares, and awakenings in the middle of the night. Or even cause your body to jerk in the middle of the night without you realizing it. These things make the body and brain unable to rest fully. Therefore, it is not at all strange. That if at any moment you are stressed or overthinking something and will feel exhausted after waking up

For stress, overthinking, worry, or sadness that are not cause by disease, Hack for Health suggests trying to find a light activity to do before bed to relax your brain, such as listening to a relaxing podcast. While sleeping, reading a book or changing the scent in the room with scented candles or air fresheners to clear the mind.

As for people who suffer from emotional conditions that can’t be controlled. Consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Because most emotional diseases often take a long time to heal. But talking to a specialist early on can help make treatment easier.

4. Your sleep is disturbed by the environment.

The environment in which to sleep has a big effect on the quality of sleep. A poor bedroom environment or during sleep can affect sleep from falling asleep to during sleep that you are not aware of. If you often wake up feeling unrefreshed, look around your bedroom before bed to see if any of the following environments exist.

  • noise, whether the sound of cars on the road The sound of turning on the TV of the room next door, the sound of snoring or the sound of teeth grinding of roommates Including music or podcasts that are too loud. which was opened during sleep
  • Light Is your room dark or dim enough for sleep? Can the existing curtains block enough light from outside?
  • Temperature Air in a room that is too cold, too hot, or too humid can make you feel uncomfortable. difficult to sleep or having to fumble for blankets in the middle of the night because it’s too cold or have to pull the blanket off Because it’s hot?
  • Cleanliness When was the last time you washed your not feeling refresh pillowcases, blankets and sheets? Bedding is an item where dust and germs accumulate easily. Dust and germs can trigger allergies. itchy face or skin can cause discomfort

These environmental factors are more important to sleep than you might think. Even if you are asleep in your slumber But your body is constantly tossing around to find the most comfortable sleeping position and environment.