5 techniques for washing clothes in the rainy season

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It’s raining again. Tonight, the cloth will be more stuffy than any other night. “Wash clothes and smell musty”, a rainy season problem that everyone must have encountered. Before washing, the weather is good and the sun is bright, but only after washing. The sky is overcast, cloudy, as if a storm is about to enter. Hang the cloth and it won’t dry again. Sending an unpleasant musty smell throughout the room, in the end, it had to be washed again, wasting time and effort. But today we have a simple technique to wave goodbye to the problem of musty clothes, not to bother you anymore with 5 techniques for washing clothes in the rainy season to dry quickly without musty smell. Let’s see. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

1. Check the weather before washing.

You know what you don’t know! Easy to check the weather via mobile phones that are ready to provide minute-by-minute weather news. To see what the weather today is a decision before washing. If you wash clothes without caring about the weather, it may rain and you cannot dry the clothes until they become stinky or can’t be dried in time. Therefore, you should check the weather before washing clothes to ensure that the clothes that have been washed can be dried comfortably without odor.

2. Use laundry products that help reduce musty smells.

Another help that reduces the musty smell of fabrics is detergent or fabric softener formula for night washing to reduce musty smells. Many people may find it inconvenient to do laundry during the day when the weather is nice. It can be washed at night and dried or put in the dryer. Which these formula products will help alleviate the musty smell to a certain extent.

3. Spin dry with a towel.

Towels can help! If you put a towel in the mix and dry it, it will help absorb excess water from other towels. When it comes to spinning, the towel absorbs the water from the other clothes, so your clothes are less damp. It makes us spend less time drying clothes. and helps reduce dampness of the fabric as well4. Fan-air conditioner helps to dry quickly.

The wind blows and shakes the clothes dry quickly! Drying clothes must be dried in a place with sunlight and good ventilation. But if it’s during the rainy season, where can you find a dry and ventilated place? Therefore, turning on the air conditioner or fan It will help the air in the room to circulate more easily. and quick-drying cloth without musty smell


Any musty smelly clothes have to be re-washed, and sometimes after washing again, the smell still won’t go away. But adding about 1 cup of vinegar to the laundry as usual will help the musty smell disappear. But if it’s a thick fabric like denim or a coat. Soak 1 cup of vinegar mixed with 1 gallon of water, soak it for 2-3 hours and then wash it normally. That’s all, the unpleasant smell will disappear in a blink of an eye.

Just do the 5 simple methods above, it will help to do laundry in the rainy season without musty smell will become easier. Let’s try to apply it.