5 ways to help solve the problem of dark elbows 

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There are many causes of black elbow problems. But most of them are caused by exposure to certain chemicals in products that women use regularly. Be it perfumes, lotions or soaps, or even the temperature can also contribute to the blackening of the elbows. Especially in cool and dry weather. Will absorb moisture from the skin easily. and for girls who like taking hot showers or scrubbing too often It also contributes to dry skin. Today we bring 5 solutions to solve the problem of black elbows to return to be smooth and soft to the touch to share with the girls. I have followed each other. ทางเข้า ufabet

1. Add moisture to the elbow.

Moisturizing your elbows can help solve this problem, especially if you have dry skin problems, you need to keep your skin moisturized. by focusing on the elbow area a lot You can add moisture to your skin by applying moisturizer. by choosing the one that suits your skin including the use of olive oil Coconut oil, lotion, petroleum, beeswax, or aloe vera. It also helps to add moisture to the skin around the elbows as well.

2. Use non-irritating cleaning products

Choosing a cleaning product can help solve the problem of black elbows as well. Which cleaning products are recommended to be use should choose a formula that does not cause irritation. By avoiding products that contain perfume and alcohol. Or choose to use products that are gentle formulas, it will be even more healthy for the skin of women.

3. Drink water and eat good fats.

Drinking clean water in the amount that is sufficient for the needs of the body. and choosing to eat foods rich in good fats Including nutrients such as magnesium, carotene and vitamin C. Helps to add moisture to the skin as well. And also helps reduce the roughness of the skin caused by dry skin problems as well for girls who want to nourish the skin from the inside out. Especially reducing the problem of dark elbows. 

4. Place the cloth to support the elbow.

Placing cloth to support the elbow Especially while working at the desk all day. or even girls who likes to exercise with planks It is recommended to place a cloth to support the elbow every time. Due to the prolonged and continuous contact of the elbow with a hard surface It can make the skin rough.

5. Avoid touching too much water.

prolonged exposure to water It can negatively affect the skin as well. Because when the body is in contact with water for a long time Water will evaporate. and pulls out the natural oils on the skin Therefore, in order to have a positive effect on the skin, it is recommended that women control the duration and frequency of water exposure. because if the body is in contact with water for a long time There is a chance that the elbow will be matte black.

In addition to the 5 methods that we have shared to make girls has been used to solve the problem of matt black elbows There is another important thing that I recommend to girls. try to avoid That is, contact with hot water. or soaking in hot water for a long time or too often Because that also contributes to the skin of the girls. dry and rough As well as causing problems with black elbows as well.