Wilshere analyzes Arsenal chances of win.

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Wilshere analyzes Arsenal chances of winning the top four this season.

Former Arsenal captain Jack Wilshere has reaffirmed that the Gunners under Mikel Arteta are of high quality to earn the top four titles this season.

“I swear, at the start of the 2021-22 season, I ditched Arsenal from the TOP 4 contenders with no hope at all,” Jack told talkSPORT.

“But after almost halfway through the entire race, I’m starting to see more and more clearly that Arsenal can achieve something the fans want, too.

“With a great style of play that is unique. With the strong and uncompromising mental state of the players and managers Now, I’m not ashamed to retaliate that we are actually good enough to compete with the TOP 4 with other teams until the very last corner.”

“I’m very happy to see Mikel Arteta build a team with his own philosophy of playing boldly. Which is the same way as the culture of the club since ancient times.”

Wilshere is famous for being a rising star. “Cannon” Arsenal Of the English Premier League, having played for the first team at this club during the years 2008-18, but due to a bad injury history. Referred to the field for the team just a little.

After parting with Arsenal Wilshere moved in. “The Hammer” Wellsham United, another Premier League team during the 2018-20 season, but almost never played the same field. Recently played with “The Cherries” Bournemouth. The second half of the 2020-21 season ended with a free release.