Thiago announced would win a lot of titles with Liverpool

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Thiago announced that he would win a lot of titles with Liverpool because he was not a self-sufficient person.

Liverpool ‘s world-class midfielder Thiago Alcantara has stated loud and clear that he wants to raise his quality and win many titles with the Reds because life is not enough. for the pursuit of success

“Personally, I am a person who has one habit. Want to elevate everything in life to make it better and higher, higher and higher, both in terms of playing on the field and tangible achievements,” the former South Tiger told

“Especially in terms of performance. It must be accepted. I never felt that I was doing well enough, even though the stats clearly indicated it was okay. So at the end of the race. I’m always reviewing to see if there’s anything I can do to make it even better.”

“My decision to move to new challenges with Liverpool was because I wanted to win a lot and win trophies together. I don’t even care how many opportunities I get from the coach. But if the body is completely fit to start the starting 11. It will be better.”

“Actually, I’ve adapted to English teams and football since last season. But one important difference. We had people come to watch the game in the stadium. Until the stands were full. and can live a normal life again This makes life more relaxing than before.” according to a report from ‘ufabet