The form is not strong Grealish admits

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The form is not strong, Grealish admits the performance is below the standard for Manchester City.

Jack Greene Lichfield Starr England’s Manchester City team won the Premier League. Acknowledged that he has yet to show results are remarkable for the price of 100 million pounds in the summer past.

Grealish 26 is the only major signing of “The Blues” and to this day. He has played 20 games. But has just made 3 goals, 3 assists only. Which is far from the expectations of football fans Which last season. He was involved in 19 goals of “Lee Sing” with 7 goals and 12 assists.

“I felt that when I came here from Aston Villa. I look at the number of goals. and assists from last season So I think when I come to play with Manchester City, the best club in England. Played with some of the best players. I was hoping to be involved in 20-30 goals. But it wasn’t. I had problem getting involve in scoring goals.”

“Especially with my price I couldn’t contribute enough goals. and made people start talking about my work. and doubts about the work All I can do is believe in my abilities. and move on.”

Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish is about to join the Premier League champions Manchester City. It is expect that the most expensive deal in England worth 100 million pounds. Will be complete at the end. This week,