Sutton predicts Manchester United’s future in the UCL

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Sutton predicts Manchester United‘s future in the UCL round of 16 after battling Atletico Madrid

Chris Sutton legendary striker Manchester United future has been predict. After the draw against Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League round of 16.

“When UEFA announced that the pairing. Again due to a computer error Most fans would think that Manchester United survived. Because they didn’t have to face PSG with Messi, Neymar, Mbappe in the net. But in the end. They have to face Atletico Madrid which has both Suarez and Griezmann instead,” Sutton told the Daily Mail.

“I’m sure Ralph Rangnick is now trying to change things in training with his players. especially to tighten the defense while instilling a philosophy of playing counter-pressing that everyone understands.”

“Which, to be honest, I think they are quite lucky because the last few games, although they didn’t play well, but in the end they managed to win. That will greatly increase your confidence.”

“Nobody knows when in February when the UCL starts again, what kind of team will Manchester United under Rangnick be like? May be many times stronger. Before Or it could be weaken because a key player suffered a hamstring injury due to intense training sessions. You never know.”