Smith Rowe will be troubles Arteta the most

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Smith Rowe will be the one who troubles Arteta the most.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright has confirmed that Emile Smith Rowe is a midfielder for Wonderkid. Is making the manager Mikel Arteta must be extremely troubling because this boy is too good to be sitting as a reserve.

“After being dropped as a substitute since December, Emile Smith Rowe has always worked hard and professionally. Ready to prove what a great talent he is,” Wright told Premier League productions.

“Whenever Mikel Arteta puts this boy on the bench, He just willingly accepted it. I don’t care what the coaches or people around me think. Then wait patiently to show the magic immediately.”

“Even with 10 minutes, five minutes, or two minutes to touch the game, Smith Rowe will capture those opportunities. He’s ready to do that for the coaches to see. make the world see Go down and slam the ball into the bottom of the opponent’s net with confidence.”

“It’s not just about the quality of the footwork. But he is also very confident that I can score a goal!! Everyone could clearly see that the boy believed he had to get his name on the scoreboard. even though it has just been replaced And he really succeeded.”