Rangnick reveals name the young Manchester United

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Ralph Rangnick manager of Manchester United has revealed that The youngster from the Red Devils army, the small set that he intends to form a hand that will give more opportunities than anyone else, is Hannibal Maybree that the fans have been waiting for.

“At Thursday’s training session, 25 Manchester United players came in, which was considered a full team. The only thing missing is Paul Pogba, who has not recovered from the injury alone,” Rangnick told MUTV.

“Of course, Hannibal Megbury is also in the first team. Which is the first time. We meet because he has just return from playing for the Tunisian national team in the FIFA Arab Cup.

“It’s very unfortunate that I had to send him out to play for the national team again in the African Nations Cup in January because of the fact that sending this youngster to play as a Man United man. had to postpone again.”

“I obviously had higher expectations of Hannibal than any other youngster because his talent was clearly outstanding. And I hope to gain a lot of good experience playing for the national team. From big continental tournaments to grow into a good football.”

Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has reveal his preparations ahead of the Premier League clash with Newcastle at the end of the year that he will allow the players to stay at home to celebrate. Christmas with the family, according to the Manchester Evening News.