Mari reveals feelings for Arteta after deciding

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Mari reveals feelings for Arteta after deciding to leave Arsenal for Udinese

Arsenal defender Pablo Mari has spoken openly about manager Mikel Arteta. After his decision to leave the Gunners to Serie A side Udinese on a loan deal. until the end of the season

“I admit I was unlucky enough to get hurt a lot. After coming to Arsena. But I can assure you that every time I get a chance to play on the pitch. Giving everything to help the team,” Marie told UFABET.

“Actually, I don’t even want to leave the team at all. But when the situation comes to a point. Where decisions have to be made So this is the best thing for all parties. It was well discuss and there were no conflicts at all.”

“Miguel Arteta is one of the best football managers I have ever worked with. He stood beside the players. Helping everyone sincerely He taught me to understand the science of football many times more than before. He also brings the great ideas learned from Pep Guardiola to pass on to his players without fail.”

“Remember, Arteta has been training with the best coach in football history for many years, Guardiola, and I believe everyone working in the field would like to learn something from him. That’s exactly it.”