Klopp reveals the latest situation Salah new contract

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Klopp reveals the latest situation on Salah new contract

Jugen Klopp team of Liverpool second moment in the battle of the Premier League. Discussed the subject of a new contract with Mohamed Salah, who has not settled in that now. There are many details to discuss and everything. Will take time to come to a conclusion, according to the Liverpool Echo.

The Egypt international’s current contract expires in 2023, and rumors of a new contract have been negotiable since the summer. But so far there is no sign of a clear conclusion. Which the German boss said during a press conference before the game against AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday

“We are talking about extending. The contract with a player like Mo Salah. Which is not something that can be easily discussed, it is very common, actually there is nothing to talk about him. He talks about it and I can only say a few things. Because rest cannot be made public.

“But I’m not sure if he gave the interview in English or not. Or is it a mistranslation? That’s a recurring issue in the past few days. So a lot of things can happen when someone wants it to be. But Mo and I are fine, I think what we want is clear and things like this take time. It’s just that,” Klopp said in an interview.