Klopp reveals how Liverpool beat

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Klopp reveals how Liverpool beat Newcastle with Eddie Howe as manager.

Bayer Jurgen Klopp ‘s team , Liverpool refused to disclose that can beat Newcastle United with the score 3-1 on the night, this is due to the presence of tactical football swan of AFC Bournemouth. In the days when Eddie Howe was the main commander of the army.

“First of all, I have to admit that I mainly have my players study and analyze Bournemouth’s game over the years to date. To find out how to deal with Eddie Howe style football,” the heavy metal manager told Sky Sports.

“The last game we beat Howe under Bournemouth 2-1 was when our opponents took the lead, so when Newcastle got a quick goal from the seventh minute I wasn’t worried. And I’m sure the kids can definitely get it back, even if it’s a bit difficult.”

“And after the constant thrusting of pressure until finally the first goal came out with a great goal. Of course the other boys are really cool as well, all showing how hot Liverpool are going.”

“The other thing that can’t be said is Trent Alexander-Arnold’s performance. Today, his long balls are terrifyingly effective. He also fired unbelievable distance at the most crucial moment.”