Fish shooting game recipe Know that you will not

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Fish shooting game recipe Know that you will not miss the opportunity to make a profit. If you want to be a master, you must read. Let’s go see Study here UFABET

fish shooting game recipe

After reading the details of fish shooting games. Including how to play fish shooting games, today we will delve into the formulas for shooting fish games. Let’s go deeper together. will have a chance to make more profits But what is there, we must try to read

1. Shoot it!! Definitely ruined.
Fish shooting game, even if we can’t stop shooting. But it should be refrain. Don’t shoot vignettes should know how to find the right moment Choose a target that is in the correct position. If playing with more experience, we will know for ourselves which fish are easy to kill. After that wait for the direction of the fish to swim in the direction. That the longest fish can be shot. Such as swimming towards us

2. Don’t shoot so much that you forget to estimate the time.
Each level has a limited amount of time. If you can estimate the approximate time that the scene will change at any time Then leave the shooting range for a while. Especially if it’s a tough fish or boss. Otherwise, the free ammunition will be lost of course.

3. The power of fish can change.
Each fish is not always the same hardy or easy to kill, even if they are the same fish. Watching which fish escape from other players. After being shot for a while is a great way to save more ammo. But if we lost a lot of ammunition Using a follow-up bolt gun is not a waste of investment. For newbies, you should look at the page. How to play to know what kind of fish has a score. Will be assess roughly which one is very stoic Of course, a low score would be easier to kill than a much higher score.

4. Change the gun according to the situation.
Don’t get stuck with just one type of gun you like. Maybe some fish move very fast. come in and go out fast Using electric guns to shoot at long distances also helps a lot. or a type of fish that goes in and out of a circle For example, a dragon might have to shoot all the time. This type of fish is often the same fish. Because it can’t be kill in a single scene. Of course except fish items such as crabs. Maybe leave and go away Back again, it’s not the same one anymore. In the case of a large fish but stays in the scene for a long time This way, you can use bullets to shoot straight and heavy.

5. Don’t think of cheating the score.
That we shot a fish near death like a boss. and think about changing the score to get a high score when the fish is near death Doing so may not work as expected. So choose only one score. Then when the shooting interval is reach. Gradually change the points used. This is better and make the game uninterrupted as well

6. Ammunition is almost exhaust. Do not measure your luck
If the score is almost gone. Don’t measure your luck with tough fish. Such as fish items is strictly prohibit It should be kept from some small fish. Because crab items are very tough. Maybe going in and out of the scene quickly. Or if it’s safe, watch the fish that come off from other players. Or otherwise, it’s better to fill in the score than to shoot and play with empty ammunition.

7. Don’t use items to kill fish items
if you get a laser gun. Don’t take it and deal with the item fish in vain. Maybe it’s not a continuous item. It should kept for use. When a large flock of fish is coming. Or use with boss only would be the smartest way

8. Aim the item fish from the moment it appears.
If thinking of buying fish items Do not leave it out for a long time and then shoot it. Because of course not manageable especially the fish that have light around body too Come for a moment, circle until the end of time, then go out rarely come back Therefore, you should wait and prepare to aim first. Once it’s release, you can manage it.