Is petroleum jelly really good for dry chapped lip?

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Petroleum jelly is a less expensive option. and can be easily found in general stores and is said to relieve dry skin. Helps to moisturize cracked lip again. But is petroleum jelly really recommended for chapped lips ?

Petroleum jelly can retain moisture. If you apply petroleum jelly to your lip before they become dry and chapped, you may be able to prevent dryness. However, petroleum jelly is not effective at restoring moisture once it has been lost. ยูฟ่าเบท

Side effects of using petroleum jelly for lips

– Petroleum jelly feels heavy and slippery on the lips.
-If you lie down while applying petroleum jelly The oil may stain the pillowcase.
– Petroleum jelly is a by-product of fossil fuel petroleum. So it’s not very environmentally friendly.
-Although rare allergic reactions to petroleum jelly can occur. But signs of an allergic reaction include swollen lips and a burning sensation.
– If your lips are so chapped that they bleed Petroleum jelly contaminated with bacteria from your fingers can cause allergic reactions.
-Petroleum jelly may clog the pores around the mouth.

Another option for chapped lips

if you are not allergic to petroleum jelly Unlikely to cause harm or make your lips dry It just might not be the best option for moisturizing your lips. and protects sensitive skin from chapping. Other things to try for dry lips include:

– Coconut oil
– Cocoa butter
– Shea butter