How to “eat vegetarian” without causing “kidney damage”

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During the vegetarian festival , many people want to join in making merit along with taking care of their health and reducing meat consumption. and turned to pay more attention to health during the same period But what is worrisome is Most vegetarian foods tend to be sweet, fatty, and salty. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that sodium intake be reduced to less than 2,000 milligrams per day.

How to “eat vegetarian” without causing “kidney damage”

  • Choose to cook your own food

Choosing to cook your own food This allows us to choose the raw materials ourselves. And you can choose to use your own condiments as you like. This allows us to estimate the amount of seasoning used to suit our taste. Therefore, you should take this opportunity to reduce the seasoning from the sauce. and various seasonings Try using spices to add flavor. Focus on food that doesn’t have a lot of flavor, such as soups, stir-fried vegetables (reduce eating the watery parts in stir-fries), as well as reducing the consumption of soup from noodles, boiled soups, and various curries. This will allow us to reduce our sodium consumption ourselves.

  • choose to eat fruit

If you want to eat sweet food during the vegetarian period, turn to eating more fruits. It will help the body receive vitamins, dietary fiber and many nutrients that are good for the body. Instead of eating snacks that may be made from flour and sugar, including various fried foods.

  • Choose to eat more vegetables.

The same reason applies to choosing to eat more fruit. So that the dietary fiber of vegetables can help reduce the amount of fat in the arteries. Including various minerals From vegetables also helps keep the body healthy. and makes the excretory system work as well

  • Choose to eat nuts and grains.

Nuts and Grains It is a source of protein. and many vitamins that are good for the body It also provides energy. Contains dietary fiber that helps the digestive system function better. It also helps strengthen the body.